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Sometimes you notice you are using a lot of the same websites, listening to the same music or keep waiting for the next episode of a series just because you love/like them. That’s what I call ‘my current obsessions’ because in a month I may not even use, listen or watch the things I like now. Here are some random things I’ve been loving the past couple of weeks/months.

When I went on my Weheartit account the other day, I saw this quote. And I actually think it is a very truthful quote. I reflect this quote back to my school assignments and exams. I have been working pretty hard this semester (my silence) and the hard work paid off. I got some really good grades which made me but also the people around me very proud of me (so that’s my noise).

Other pictures I found while I was on my Weheartit account were the pictures of the Coachella outfits (from celebrities). Every year they out do themselves for Coachella and I think it looks amazing. Especially Vanessa Hudgens… She did go the two weekends of Coachella so there are enough outfits to get your inspiration from for this summer or upcoming festivals… (this is the outfit I loved the most)

Lately I found myself reading before I go to bed and that’s pretty rare for me… But the book I am reading is very interesting. The book is called: ‘Model’ by Cheryl Diamond. It’s about the author herself, she went to New York at a very young age to model and in the book she tells about all the things she experienced. Some of the stories she tells are very shocking and it makes me want to read even more. So I think you should really check it out (even if you don’t like reading, like me because I know you will like this book).

And the last thing is an Instagram account/blog: Chapter Friday. Normally I don’t really like blogs very quick but this one is really good. Yara (founder of Chapter Friday) posts not very long blogs but just long enough to get your attention. She writes about lifestyle but also (her) career and I really like that because not many bloggers do that (she gives tips and talks about her workshops).

And her Instagram account is just great. Lately she has been posting a lot of office decor/interior ideas and you can get a lot of inspiration from them!

When I see the things I’ve been loving lately, I am really curious what I will be loving next. Let me know if you noticed any current obsessions that you may have! And what did you think of mine?




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