My Yoghurt Brings All The Boys To The Barn | Yoghurt Barn, Leiden

Going out for breakfast isn’t something I do often. When I go out for breakfast it has to be when I am traveling. I love to go out for food when I am traveling because you get to wander around the city and get to know the place even better. Just like if you would be living there. So, why not go out for breakfast…

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Vienna On Film | Inspiration: Photography

Vienna On Film | Inspiration: Photography

Why a disposable camera you might ask. I own a very well working system camera and an iPhone but just before Lotte and I left for Vienna, Austria, I got the idea to also bring a disposable camera. I still remember loving having a disposable camera when I was little. This was my camera and I was aloud to capture anything I liked. When we got… View Post
Veggies First! | Lab071, Leiden

Veggies First! | Lab071, Leiden

“Another hotspot post?” Yes! I am sorry if I am boring you with these hotspot posts but lately Leiden has been stepping up its game. I just keep finding the best places and I have to share those with you as well! Leiden might be small, but there are enough hotspots to discover. One of those is Lab071 and after visiting it once, I know… View Post

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