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Yes, you read that correctly. I bought my first designer bag! You might have seen it already in my latest outfit post or on my Instagram, but I also wanted to dedicate a full blog post to it. I think it’s so fun to read about bags of others, what bag they got, why they got it and what they think about it. Why not share my own experience with getting a designer bag? So, say hello to my new, beautiful bag!

Just to clarify… Some people only consider bags from brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton as designer bags. I don’t. I just think these designer bags are a lot more expensive and considered a really high end brand. That’s why I am referring to this bag as a designer bag in this blog post.

Bag specifications

The bag I got is from Kate Spade and it’s called the Margaux Satchel. There are three different sizes of the Margaux Satchel but I went for the medium one. The small one would be a little too small for all the sh*t I always drag with me and the big one I wouldn’t be able to wear as a crossbody bag because it would be too big. So, the medium satchel is just perfect! It has a compartment in the front & back and in the middle there’s a compartment with a zipper (which is always a must for me). Conclusion: it has tons of room for the essentials I want to take with me. With the bag comes a crossbody strap and it has two top handles. Why did I go for a black bag? Well, a black bag is very classic and since I wear a lot of neutral colors, I wanted a bag I can wear with any outfit.

Now onto the price… Most people don’t tell these things, but why? Everyone is able to find the bag online and see the price. Besides that, I wanted to share this because I think it’s important to know what you would pay for a bag like this. The Kate Spade Margaux Medium Satchel is €350,-, but… and here it comes… I paid €245,-. How? I bought this bag on Black Friday! On Black Friday Kate Spade had some really good deals and since I wanted to get myself this bag for my birthday, this was the perfect moment to get it.

Why buy a designer bag?

Everyone has different reasons for buying a designer bag (or not). From an investment to just liking that specific bag. Mine is kind of both. The Margaux caught my eye a couple months before I actually bought it. When I found it, I decided to save up for it and wanting to gift it to myself for my birthday. That’s an important part: only buy the bag if you actually have the money. If you don’t have the money, save up for it! This way it will feel so good when you finally get it. I can tell you, it is worth it spending a bit more money on a bag. With the Kate Spade Margaux Satchel I bought a timeless bag and I know I will be wearing it A LOT the next couple of years!

“Life is short – buy the bag.”

Tips when buying a designer bag

Of course I had to make a list of my tips when it comes to buying a designer bag, maybe even your first, or just when spending more money on a bag.

#1: Do a lot of research. Before I actually bought the Margaux, I did tons of research. I watched unboxing videos, first impressions and read so many reviews. It’s so important to research the bag before getting it, because it can look pretty but it might end up not being what you look for. So, do your research!

#2: Personal style and wearability in one. Choose wisely when buying a designer bag because you are about to spend a lot of money. So, keep your personal style, what you want to use it for (wearability) and the material in mind. Some types of leather will scratch very easily, so think about that when buying a bag.

#3: Also look at maybe getting a bag second hand. Currently there are so many websites and stores that sell (real) designer bags that have had a previous owner. If I would ever get a bag from even more luxury brands, I would definitely look into getting one second hand.

Lastly, I want to end this blog post by saying: not everybody is into designer bags. Everyone has their own taste and wants to spend their money on different things. That’s okay. Buy what you want and don’t be afraid to wear your designer bag. Be proud that you were able to buy it and saved your money for it. My absolute dream bag is definitely the Givenchy Antigona. The Margaux has somewhat the same look as the Givenchy one but in a different price range. So, you could say I like specific kind of style haha. Have you ever spend a lot of money on a bag? What is your dream bag?





  1. January 22, 2020 / 12:23 pm

    Your bag is gorgeous! I bought my first designer bag last year too – a black Chanel WOC. I’d been researching for the longest time and followed a few local secondhand stores then as soon as one came in, in caviar too (my preference), I snatched it up! Less than two weeks later I snatched up a secondhand black caviar Chanel mini too haha. Those two bags are enough for me, thank God cos they cost a pretty penny! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • Neeltje
      January 24, 2020 / 2:40 pm

      Ahh Chanel bags! They are so pretty, you’re lucky! Xx

  2. January 22, 2020 / 1:13 pm

    Such a good buy! That’s definitely one you can use and wear for years on end without it going out of style or clashing with anything. I definitely think a good bag is always worth the investment, and this one is lovely!

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com

    • Neeltje
      January 24, 2020 / 2:42 pm

      I know right! Thank youuu Anika. Xx

  3. January 24, 2020 / 1:23 pm

    Het lijkt me een prima en degelijke tas, maar ik vind hem wel een beetje saai als ik heel eerlijk ben.

    • Neeltje
      January 24, 2020 / 2:42 pm

      Iedereen zijn eigen mening 🙂 Ik heb expres voor deze tas gekozen omdat hij overal bijpast en ik ‘m dus vaak zal gebruiken.

  4. January 24, 2020 / 3:58 pm

    Ik kan het merk niet, maar ik vind hem oprecht ontzettend mooi. Ook prima te combineren met verschillende outfits

    • Neeltje
      January 24, 2020 / 5:58 pm

      Ah dankjewel! Kate Spade heeft echt mooie tassen, maar ook kleding en andere accessoires 🙂

    • Neeltje
      January 25, 2020 / 7:30 pm

      Thank you! X

  5. January 25, 2020 / 2:55 pm

    Ik ken het merk niet, maar dat zegt natuurlijk niks :-). Mooie tas, straalt luxe uit! Geniet ervan! Ik gebruik alleen Cowboysbags, wat een heerlijke tassen, heb er meerdere en ook bijna allemaal wat groter. Kan lekker veel in.

    • Neeltje
      January 25, 2020 / 7:31 pm

      Dankje! Kate Spade heeft echt veel mooie tassen in de collectie. Zelf heb ik ook een aantal Cowboysbag tassen gehad, heel fijn 🙂

  6. January 26, 2020 / 10:37 am

    Oe, mooie tas! Zoiets maakt de outfit goed af. Zelf zal ik niet snel zulke prijzen betalen. Maar goed, ik geef weer geld uit aan andere dingen (gadgets enzo)

    • Neeltje
      January 27, 2020 / 8:21 pm

      Dankjewel! Haha, ik kan er soms ook wat van als het gaat om gadgets… 🙂

  7. January 26, 2020 / 6:55 pm

    ik ken het merk niet maar hij is wel heel erg leuk en cute moet ik zeggen 😀

    • Neeltje
      January 27, 2020 / 8:21 pm

      Ah, dankjewel!

  8. January 26, 2020 / 6:56 pm

    Prachtige handtas. Die kan je met veel outfits combineren. Dat vind ik altijd zo leuk en geeft mij een goed gevoel.

    • Neeltje
      January 27, 2020 / 8:21 pm

      Jaa he! Daarom vond ik dit wel een goede aankoop 🙂

  9. January 28, 2020 / 10:19 pm

    Congratulations on your first designer purchase! I bought my first designer bag last year and it was such a special treat. Your bag is so beautiful, thank you for sharing! x

    • Neeltje
      January 29, 2020 / 9:25 pm

      Ah, thank you so much! X

  10. January 29, 2020 / 2:31 pm

    Dit is zeker een mooie tijdloze tas! Ik heb mijn Chanel tassen, na veel research inderdaad, gekocht op vintage sites. Niet alleen voor de prijs, maar ook omdat meeste Chanel tassen nog bloedmooi zijn als ze jaren oud zijn. Dus waarom een nieuwe kopen dan?

    • Neeltje
      January 29, 2020 / 9:27 pm

      Wat gaaf! Dat is zeker waar en zou ik ook doen als ik ooit een Chanel tas zou kopen 🙂

  11. June 14, 2020 / 6:41 pm

    Wat een prachtige tas! Zelf ben ik dol op Ted Baker. In 2017 mijn eerste tas gekocht en sindsdien komt er elkaar jaar wel minstens 1 Ted Baker tas bij. Oops

    • Neeltje
      June 14, 2020 / 10:37 pm

      Dankjewel! Ted Baker tassen vind ik ook heel mooi altijd.

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