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With summer just around the corner, you know all sorts of festivals are coming with that. But what do you bring to a festival? What are some things you should not forget? Here I show the ten things I always bring with me to a festival. These are some essentials I think you definitely need to enjoy a day full of dancing, having fun with friends and socializing.

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Denim jacket: Primark €12,00 | Shoes: Blackstone €89,95 | Sunglasses: The Sting € 7,95 | Wallet: Six €7,95

The first most important thing is of course money. You have to buy water (very important) and of course some food, so take enough money with you. Festivals are expensive but very fun so it’s worth it! And at most festivals they have to ask you to show your ID so they know if you’re 21 or not, because most of the time there is alcohol being sold. So it’s very important to take you ID card with you. This next one is just a random essential I think. But if you have to get home after the festival, you do have to get in to your house or cycle home, so a key seems handy for that (haha).

Wow, this is one of the things people (especially women) don’t realize they need… Tissues! At some point in the day you do have to use the restroom and trust me, the toilets aren’t clean at festivals… So if you did take some tissues with you, you can use them to make the toilet a little bit cleaner and you have some toilet paper!

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Purse: Pieces €39,95 | Rosebud Salve: €9,95 | Sunscreen: P20 €19,95

I forget this one so much but sun protection is very important! You don’t have to take it with you but do put on some sunscreen before you go to the festival. You will be in the sun the whole day, so you have to protect yourself to not get sunburned (a hat is also a good protection against the sun). And because you’re in the sun the whole day, your lips (and maybe even your face) tent to dry out. So take a moisturizing cream with you. Rosebud salve is my savior. It looks like Vaseline but it’s so much more moisturizing and it smells so good (I’m in love). And how could you survive this great day without sunglasses? Well actually you wouldn’t survive… So don’t forget to take them with you! This is the day were you can wear the weirdest and most outspoken sunglasses, so do it!

Where are you going to keep all the things you need to take with you? Take the most practical and cute (of course) purse with you. Not too big, not too small, just big enough to fit all the essentials in there. And because you will be dancing and walking all day long, comfortable shoes are a must. Some cute sandals or sneakers will do the job and you will still look stylish! It could also become a bit chilly and even cold at night, so take a jacket with you. If it’s too hot to wear it, just wear it around your shoulders or waist (a flannel is also cute!).

I hope you found my festival essentials helpful! Let me know what your ultimate festival essential is and what was your favorite one of my essentials? Here’s a song to get in the mood for all the upcoming festivals, enjoy!




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  1. May 15, 2014 / 5:42 pm

    Leuk artikel! Jammergenoeg mag ik nog niet naar festivals haha 🙁
    Ik zou het leuk vinden als je een kijkje zou willen nemen op mijn blog samen met een vriendin, fashionbyesandann.wordpress.com 🙂
    Misschien kunnen we elkaar volgen, wij bloggen ook in het Engels haha
    x Esmee van fashionbyesandann

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