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Last year this new hotspot opened in the city centre of Leiden and since it opened, I had plans to visit it but I never got the chance. Until now! The hotspot I am talking about? Lavendi Coffee! When scrolling through their Instagram account… you get what I am talking about and why I wanted to visit this hotspot. Get a look inside Lavendi Coffee and get a ‘taste’ of what the food is really like with this blog post!

Lavendi Coffee Leiden

Lavendi Coffee | Steenstraat 12, Leiden

Fresh, fair and homemade, that’s what Lavendi Coffee is all about. For some good coffee, a piece of homemade cake and all day breakfast & lunch, you have to go to Lavendi Coffee. The atmosphere of Lavendi Coffee is very relaxed and you can sit down with a friend to catch up but there is also room to work.

When getting through the door of Lavendi Coffee, you kind of enter a pink, dark green and velvet heaven. The interior kind of reminded me of &C Store in Amsterdam, right?! They have a little coffee bar with homemade cakes and a large coffee machine. Around that are tons of different seating areas with tables, chairs and also comfy couches. From the outside, it might look small, but recently they have extended Lavendi Coffee and made it larger! The part where Isabella and I were sitting, is actually the new part of Lavendi Coffee and I think it’s a great addition to it. I can’t even imagine what it would look like before.

Lavendi Coffee Leiden Lavendi Coffee Leiden Lavendi Coffee LeidenLavendi Coffee Leiden

Lavendi Coffee is mainly known for their selfie coffee, freak shakes AND waffles. So, I already knew a little about the menu but not everything. For drinks Isabella got a chai latte and I got the Safe mojito, which was a cold drink with fresh mint, lime, ginger ale and cane sugar. It was a very refreshing drink that I enjoyed a little while still browsing the menu. Besides the waffles, they also have sandwiches, pancakes and more. Since I already got my eyes on the waffles, I just wanted to get the waffles. You can create your own waffle with different toppings. I went for blueberries, strawberries and maple syrup. Isabella went for something completely different and ordered a carpaccio sandwich.

When we got our food, my waffles looked so cute. I almost didn’t want to touch them. The waffles are heart-shaped, so why wouldn’t you love them? Anyways, after I took a ton of photos of our food, I took the first bite and really liked the taste of the waffles. In combination with my chosen toppings, they were even better. This made me want to also have a waffle maker at home haha.

Lavendi Coffee Leiden Lavendi Coffee LeidenLavendi Coffee Leiden Lavendi Coffee Leiden

After we both enjoyed our food and drinks, Isabella ordered another drink: the butterfly latte. Since it got fairly busy while we were eating our lunch, they forgot about the latte, so we didn’t get that… So, maybe next time? Anyways, my first impression of Lavendi Coffee is pretty good! Besides it looking so photogenic, the food was very tasty so I will definitely be back to try more. If you also want to visit Lavendi Coffee, you can find it at Steenstraat 12 in Leiden! Would you want to visit Lavendi Coffee? What would your order be?





    • Neeltje
      October 2, 2019 / 5:01 pm

      Thank you! Xx

    • Neeltje
      October 2, 2019 / 5:01 pm

      I know right! Xx

    • Neeltje
      October 7, 2019 / 7:29 pm

      I know right! X

    • Neeltje
      October 11, 2019 / 10:45 am

      I am sure you would love it as well!

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