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Every year my friend and I go to the Beautygloss party. This is an event organized by Mascha who owns On Saturday May 3rd we went to the fourth edition. At the Beautygloss party there are a lot of different stands with makeup, hair, jewelry and a lot more. But this year there was a special stand, the stand with Mascha’s book! This was the chance to get her book before it was available in stores, so my friend and I definitely wanted to buy her book ‘Happy life’ there and we did.

When I got home, I started reading her book and the next day I already finished it! Since I’ve read the book so quick and really enjoyed it, I wanted to share my thoughts on this book with you. ‘Happy life’ is only available in Dutch, but I thought it would be great to also tell people outside of Holland about the book so everyone can enjoy it (through my eyes)!

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Book: Happy Life by Mascha Feoktistova €14,95 (

The book starts of with a little story about Mascha and why she wanted to write this book. She owns a beauty blog but this book isn’t all about beauty (the most asked question about her book). It has different chapters like: Love, School, Friendship, Respect, Feedback and more. In every chapter she tells something about what her life was like and what she learned from it. In other chapters she gives advice on how to make to do lists and a vision board. So this book isn’t only about what she went through but also what she does (for example) to stay organized and she shares that with the reader.

In this book are also some photos of her. I think it gives the book a great touch and it doesn’t make it so ‘serious’ and boring as normal books.  For example: with the chapter ‘Love’ there are some pictures of her and her boyfriend (of eleven years!) and with the chapter ‘Career’ is a professional picture of her. Oh, and another nice touch: Under every chapter name there are some keywords where the chapter will be about. Sometimes those are quotes and sometimes it’s some short advice.

There is one chapter in the book, which I think was really awesome to read. It’s called ‘Feedback’ and in this chapter Mascha put an email she got from a friend about her book. In this email her friend gives her feedback in such a nice, truthful but helpful way. The only thing Mascha wrote in this chapter is that people can learn from this email on how to give other people feedback on something and that’s definitely true.

I really recommend this book to everyone. At first you may think, why would I want to read about someone else’s life? Well, there are some great life lessons in there and since I am only eighteen years old, I can learn something from this. And as Mascha said in her intro, you don’t have to read to book in one go (because it’s not a ‘whole’ story). When you want to, just grab the book and read a random chapter. I did read it in one go because I enjoyed how she wrote the stories and she doesn’t describe anything like: ‘Look at me being cool and having such a great job!’. She described everything exciting but truthful, which gets you excited (to read) as well.




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