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In between lunch and dinner is such a huge gap, it is reasonable if people get hungry in between those meals (I do every single day)… So it is time for a snack! I found some snacks that are really filling and are still very healthy. These snacks only take a minute to make and trust me; you won’t feel hungry any more in between lunch and dinner.

#1: A versatile chicken breast whole wheat wrap for snacking while in school

This snack is so simple and easy but very tasty. And a plus for this snack is that you can experiment with it. Something I like to do is add some rocket salad or use sea salt butter, just to add some spice to this snack.

How to? You only need two basic things/ingredients actually: one whole wheat wrap and chicken breast slices. You can add two or three slices of chicken breast to cover the middle part of the whole wheat wrap. After you added everything on your wrap, you just roll it up (just like a burrito) and it’s done.


#2: Easy and tasty cornbread bruschetta

This is a perfect snack to make in your study break at home. It is so easy to make and it smells really good. This is a snack where you can switch up the seasoning or (also) add some rocket salad. It’s all up to you.

How to? First slice your slice of cornbread in four pieces and put them in your toaster. While your bread is getting nice and toasty, just slice your tomato in little pieces or in slices (whatever you like). If your bread is done, just put it on a plaid and add the tomato pieces on top. To add some extra taste to it, just add some Italian seasoning and you are done!

#3: A strawberry kiwi smoothie for on the go

This is a great and healthy smoothie for at home, on your way to work or at school. Personally I don’t like the totally ‘green’ smoothies because of the bitter taste. This is a good alternative for the green smoothie, because the strawberries add a sweet taste to it but still keep the smoothie healthy.

How to? First you will have to get the ingredients for this smoothie which are: two kiwis, one cup whole strawberries, two cups fresh baby spinach, ½ cup water and of course a blender to make this fantastic healthy smoothie. Cut the kiwis in pieces and detach the crown from the strawberries. You only have to put all these ingredients in the blender and just blend it all together. How easy is that? When you have blended it to a smooth substance, just pour it in a glass if you want to drink it right away or put it in a cup and in the refrigerator to save it for later. This smoothie only contains a total of 148 calories! (Recipe Source)

My favorite snack is definitely the first one. I take it with me to school all the time, just because it’s easy to make but still very tasty! If you would like me to do more of these healthy snack or lunch ideas, just let me know (of course you can also eat and drink these snacks for breakfast or lunch). What is your favorite healthy snack? Do you prefer smoothies for a snack?




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  1. isab
    April 30, 2014 / 9:15 pm

    Ga ze zeker uitproberen

  2. May 5, 2014 / 12:53 pm

    Wat een leuke (lekkere!) tips, ik ga ze zeker uitproberen!

    Jules x

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