My Mom Made Me A Coat & This Is What It Looks Like | Outfit

A coat, one very needed clothing item during winter time. I’ve shared this in a previous blog post, but I am very particular when it comes to coats. I don’t know why but when it comes to a coat, I want to be warm, I want it to fit nice and I also want it be comfy. Sounds familiar? Well, that’s why I own a… View Post

Three Unique Online & Offline Stores To Shop At | Recently Discovered: Shopping

Finding something unique doesn’t happen everyday. That goes for a lot of things. One of those is shops. I think unique shops are very hard to find but when I find them, they are really good. So good, you have to share it with people because they need to know about it. Well, that’s what I am currently feeling. So, I have to share them… View Post

My Fave Easy & Healthy Dinner To Make | Vegetarian Quesadillas

I know that sometimes it can be nice to get some recipe inspiration, because you get in the habit of eating one and the same things every single week. There’s nothing wrong with that but you might be ready for something new. It felt like forever since I actually shared a recipe on here. I was scrolling back and found that the last one I… View Post

How To Plan Your First Trip To New York City | Inspiration: Travel Tips

Have you booked your first trip to New York City? Oh my! I am so excited for you because I can still remember what my first trip to the city that never sleeps was like. It can be overwhelming since there’s so much happening in this big city but it can also feel like home weirdly. To date I have been to New York three… View Post

What To Do When In Need Of Inspiration? | Five Things

Have you ever felt ‘blank’? Like, you wanted to create something but didn’t know how and with what? That’s okay because, believe me, everyone has felt like that. You are in need of inspiration. The feeling of being inspired feels very empowering. It feels like you want and can create everything that comes to mind. To get this feeling, I have listed five things that… View Post

I Bought My First Designer Bag And Here’s What You Need To Know | Neeltje’s Thoughts: Designer Bags

Yes, you read that correctly. I bought my first designer bag! You might have seen it already in my latest outfit post or on my Instagram, but I also wanted to dedicate a full blog post to it. I think it’s so fun to read about bags of others, what bag they got, why they got it and what they think about it. Why not… View Post
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