Every Brownie Needs A Blondie | Raspberry Blondies

Brownies are very popular and well known. It might be a shocker for you that I don’t like brownies. Nope, brownies aren’t for me, just like chocolate cake. The amount of cacao might be the reason for that. So, when I found out there was such a thing as blondies, my first thought was that I wouldn’t like them. But I was willing to try…

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Happy, Sunkissed Face With A Comfy Look At The Beach | Outfit

Calling all my beach lovers out there: hey! If there’s something to get into that summer feeling, it’s taking a trip to the beach. Where I live, I have tons of options of going to the beach and visiting beach clubs, like Tulum Tulum and Branding Beach Club, and I am very glad about that. So, when I had a day off and it was…

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Traveling Is The Only Thing You Buy That Makes You Richer | Inspiration: My Travel Bucket List

I think it was after my first trip to NYC that I realized traveling wasn’t only about going to a new city and having some relaxation time. Traveling is also a way to learn more about yourself. That’s why the title of this post is 100% true (for me). Taking a trip is something I look forward to every single year. This year I had…

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What You & I Will Need This Summer Season | Essentials: Summer

“Alexa, let’s time travel to summer.” If this could be an option to do… When I was still in school, I would always look forward to summer because that was when I would have weeks off from school. Right now that’s totally different. When you work, you get a specific amount of days to plan your days off during the year. This requires a lot of…

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This Is Not A Fashion Story, This Is A Story About My Favorites | Loves Lately

If I would ever write a book, it would start something like this: “I want to apologize in advance for the most random stories you’re going to be reading.” And that kind of also applies to my blog posts, but that’s what a personal blog is all about, right? I’ve said this before, but it’s so important to share love, even if it’s for random…

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Let’s Talk About My Love For Blazers | Outfit

Because of self-isolation happening, I had to get creative when it came to taking photos for my blog. At first I had a pretty big selection of photos to choose from because I would shoot photos at random places all the time. The places I go often are my living room, the garden and my bedroom of course. When the regulations were lifted a little…

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