Come on, Let’s Dip That Bread | Bread Dips

Bread is something I can’t go without. On my bread I put different things. From peanut butter to veggie pate and hummus. During summer I like to serve a fresh baked baguette (directly out the oven is the best) with some dips for my friends when they come over. So, on a sunny day I decided I wanted to make my fave bread dips from scratch:… View Post

You Gotta Nourish To Flourish | My Self-Care Routine

Let’s talk about self-care. So important and so underestimated most of the time. Because a day all about you and what you need might seem selfish but the word ‘selfish’ has such a negative connotation and that’s not what self-care is about. Having a self-care routine is all about consciously thinking about your mental health and relaxing. A self-care routine can be different for everyone but… View Post

The Past Couple Of Months Through My Journal | Neeltje’s Thoughts: Journaling

Ever since I started my 2020 journal, I have been constantly looking for inspiration. On Pinterest but also in magazines. The best thing about magazines is that I am able to rip pages out and actually use them to decorate the pages in my journal. The last few months have been strange but I want to document everything in 2020 and keeping this journal has… View Post

Love Those Endless Sunny Beach Days | Strandclub Witsand, Noordwijk

What to do on a day off when it’s sunny? Plan a trip to the beach of course! Ever since I was little, I visited the beach in Noordwijk with my family. Now I still do. Through the years a lot has changed at the beach, aka new beach clubs opened! My friends and I love to go to the beach and sit down at… View Post

Every Brownie Needs A Blondie | Raspberry Blondies

Brownies are very popular and well known. It might be a shocker for you that I don’t like brownies. Nope, brownies aren’t for me, just like chocolate cake. The amount of cacao might be the reason for that. So, when I found out there was such a thing as blondies, my first thought was that I wouldn’t like them. But I was willing to try… View Post

Happy, Sunkissed Face With A Comfy Look At The Beach | Outfit

Calling all my beach lovers out there: hey! If there’s something to get into that summer feeling, it’s taking a trip to the beach. Where I live, I have tons of options of going to the beach and visiting beach clubs, like Tulum Tulum and Branding Beach Club, and I am very glad about that. So, when I had a day off and it was… View Post
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