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The Museum Of Modern Art, also known as MoMA, is a museum in New York City. Two years ago before I went to New York I did some research on what to see and do while being there. MoMA was on top of a lot of lists I found on the Internet so this was definitely something I wanted to see and I did. When our trip this year was definite, my mom really wanted to visit MoMA. As you may have read in Wednesday’s blog post, we got a New York Pass so we could enter the museum for free. On the third day of our time in New York, we went to MoMA. I wanted to share the photos of my favorite expositions in a separate blog post so here you go!

Analogue Zoe Leonard

Museum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New York

MoMA is located in a big, modern building. It has six floors with on every floor an exposition. This exposition called “Analogue” is shown in the main area of MoMA, which you can see from every floor in the museum. Since we started at the sixth floor, we kept seeing this exposition from above and this made me curious.

When we finally got to the floor of this exposition, I loved it. There were all squared photos of different neighborhoods in New York City, which show the 20th century urban life. I take photos like these all the time (if you follow me on Instagram, you might know that) so I think that’s why I loved this exposition so much.

Painting and Sculpture II | Gallery 19

Museum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New YorkMuseum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New York

The next exposition is called “Painting and Sculpture II” and when we walked in, a lot of pieces already caught my eye. For example the painting above, which is called Drowning Girl by Roy Lichtenstein. There were a couple art works of Roy Lichtenstein in this room and I really liked all of them. They remind me of old comic books and I really like this style of art.

Museum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New York

If you look very closely, you might see some facial features you’ve seen before. Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s Marilyn Monroe. I had to look at it for a while before I saw it as well. What caught my eye about this art work are the colors and the facial features make this art work look very interesting. It kind of looks like a collage made from one photo, don’t you think?

Contemporary Art from the Collection | Scenes for a New Heritage

Museum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New York

I think “Contemporary Art from the Collection” was my favorite exposition just because I liked the most art works in this exposition. When you entered the room, the photo on the top is what you saw. I think this is such a bold statement and it sets the mood for the whole exposition. The fun thing about this exposition was that it didn’t only had painting and other art works on the wall but also some kind of sculpture in the middle of the room. I don’t have a photo of it but this differs the exposition from all of the others. As a visitor you have something to walk around and look at every detail instead of looking at something on the wall.

Below you see this art work, which is a cut-paper silhouette. This is something you don’t see very often. If you look closely you see some people in this. The art work is about slavey and ethic stereotypes and I think (when you know the story) it makes this very strong, just like the art at the beginning of the exposition.

Museum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New YorkMuseum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New York

This last painting I wanted to share because I love how this photo turned out. At first I wanted to take a photo of just the painting but then this random guy stood in front of it. I took a quick photo and then waiting until he left. When we were back at the hotel, I started looking through all the photos I took that day (for more about my New York trip, check this blog post!) and I actually liked the photo with the guy in front of it better than just the painting. I took an artsy photo of an art work haha (sounds funny).

Campbell’s Soup Cans and Other Works | Andy Warhol

MoMA Andy Warhol New YorkMuseum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New York

Last but definitely not least, the “Campbell’s Soup Cans and Other Works” exposition, which included works of Andy Warhol! When my mom and I got the program, the Andy Warhol caught our attention. I don’t know much about art but I do know that Andy Warhol art works are my favorite. I love how simple all of his art is but it’s still very unique.

Museum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New York

And yes, we were very lucky because they had all of the Campbell’s Soup Cans and the Marilyn Monroe pop art there! These are very popular art works (if you’ve never heard or seen these, you must have been living underneath a rock haha). I think this was also the most busy exposition because (of course) everyone wanted to see these works. I think it was very interesting to see these in real life. The Campbell’s Soup Cans are actually pretty small art works and the Marilyn Monroe pop art is bigger than I expected.

Btw I also wanted to mention the beautiful garden that MoMA has. There are also some art works in here like the rose, which I don’t have a good photo of (sorry) and the different shaped statues. This was the perfect place to look around and sit down for a little bit after seeing the whole museum.

Museum Of Modern Art MoMA Hotpot New York

My afternoon in MoMA was lovely. After seeing every floor of the museum, my mom and I decided to sit down in the MoMA cafe and have a little high tea with some very tasty tea and cookies. Last year I visited FOAM Amsterdam and MoMA kind of reminded me of the art works they had there. Have you ever been to MoMA? What is your favorite art work out of this blog post?





  1. August 9, 2015 / 4:44 pm

    Ahh now I really want to go visit! I’ve been to NYC a couple times but never made time to see the MoMA, your shots are great!

  2. August 9, 2015 / 5:09 pm

    Great post! I’ve been to NYC twice but never made it out to MOMA. I should, next time I am there!


  3. August 9, 2015 / 7:23 pm

    Awesome pictures. If I ever happen to find myself in New York (which is quite unlikely in the next I don’t know how many years), I’d love to visit the Moma as well. X

  4. August 10, 2015 / 1:07 pm

    Mooie foto’s! Ziet eruit als een interessant museum. Sowieso vind ik moderne kunst vaak heel erg gaaf.

  5. August 10, 2015 / 6:33 pm

    This is interesting, thanks for sharing!
    Many thanks for kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. August 11, 2015 / 12:39 pm

    Can you believe I’ve been to NYC more times than I can count and I have never been here before. Definitely a must on the list now!

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

  7. August 11, 2015 / 9:18 pm

    I’m not a huge fan of modern art, it’s a bit of hit or miss for me. I find that, often, a lot depends on the story behind it rather than the quality of the actual work. That said, I’ve never been to NYC, so I haven’t checked out the MoMA. And I do like the artwork with the random guy on it đŸ™‚ . Earlier this year I went to see the Vivian Maier exhibition at Foam in Amsterdam and absolutely loved it!

    • August 11, 2015 / 9:20 pm

      I get what you mean but if you loved FOAM, some of the expositions at MoMA are also something you will like! X

  8. August 11, 2015 / 9:27 pm

    Very nice post:)))

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