This Is What Appetizer Dreams Are Made Of | Pull Apart Cheese Bread

As a true food lover, I just have to share my favorite finds every now and then. So, here we are. When I found this pull apart cheese bread, I had to try it. It features two of my favorite things: cheese and bread. Do I need to say more? Well, yes since I am writing this blog post because you NEED to make this too. As an appetizer or for a big lunch with friends… This is always a good choice. Here you go: the (simple) recipe of this pull apart cheese bread!

Pull Apart Cheese Bread

What you’ll need | Sourdough bread, 100 grams of shredded cheese, 50 grams of butter, 50 grams of tomatoes and spices of your choice (I used paprika, pepper, basel and chili flakes).

Recipe inspired by RecipeTinEats

How to | Okay, first off. I was so excited to make this because it felt like I was going to a restaurant and ordering this as an appetizer. Of course you can make the sourdough bread yourself, but I like to do it the easy way and just grab a fresh bread from the store and use that. To cut the bread you need a sharp bread knife and a cutting board. Cut the bread on a diagonal diamond BUT (very important) do not cut the bread all the way through.

Now melt the butter a little bit (when it’s soft not too liquid) and mix in all your spices. On to the fun part: putting it all together! Use your fingers to crack the bread parts open a little bit and drizzle your butter mixture in your bread and stuff in your shredded cheese (as much as you can hehe). Also don’t forget to cut your tomatoes in small pieces and spread these on top of your bread. This part doesn’t have to be neat at all because the cheese will melt and it will look good any way. Finish off with another drizzle of your butter mixture on top to make it extra crispy.

Oven time! To make sure you don’t burn your bread, I recommend wrapping the bread in foil. Leave the bread in oven (180 °C) for about 10 minutes and then leave it in for a little longer without the foil over it. I would say, the pull apart bread is tastiest when it’s served immediately since it’s warm. So… enjoy!

I saw this recipe on Pinterest and since I am a sucker for appetizers, you better believe I had to try it. For upcoming girls nights this is definitely something I want to make. Looking back I want to try other combinations as well. Pinterest is filled with ideas. Oh, and also a good dip! I paired mine with oil and spices. Very basic but very good indeed. If you have any other suggestions of appetizers I should make, let me know! What do you think of pull apart cheese bread?





    • Neeltje
      April 26, 2021 / 10:58 am

      Thank youu!

  1. April 19, 2021 / 5:10 pm

    This sounds delish! I never would’ve thought about slicing bread like this to make pull apart bread! I need to try it out!


    • Neeltje
      April 26, 2021 / 10:58 am

      It’s soooo good 🙂

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