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From a teddy coat, a faux fur coat, a puffer coat and a trench coat, there are so many different types of winter coats available these days. Buying a winter coat is a true investment. A winter coat is always more expensive than a typical coat for spring or summer, but when you invest in a good winter coat, you’ll be able to enjoy and benefit from this investment for a long, long time. I thought I would try something different with an outfit post and show two different winter coats with one and the same outfit. Very simple but also a fun way to share more about the winter coats I will be wearing all winter long!

Winter Coat: Esprit

The thick winter coat

Where would I be in The Netherlands without a proper, thick winter coat? I would love to be able to just wear a leather jacket (leren jas dames) all year long, but in The Netherlands, that wouldn’t be possible during winter. It can get so cold. When searching for a ladies winter coat (winterjas dames) I have a couple of requirements, which is understandable because I want it to be warm (duh!), I want it to fit nicely and I want it to have a pretty color. When I found this one from Esprit, I really liked the color and loved the fact it has an adjustable waist thing (I don’t know what to call it but you get what I mean).

Dark Grey Jeans: Levi’s | Black Boots: FOLC

The teddy coat

Winter is a very unpredictable season. So, some days it might be cold but the sun may shine, which makes it very lovely outside. On these type of days I like to wrap myself up with a thick scarf, hat and gloves and wear this with a lovely teddy coat (teddy jas). Oh my, last year I finally got a teddy coat and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. It’s oversized, soft but also very flattering. What I would recommend when buying a teddy coat? Get one with a zipper because with buttons it will definitely not be as warm when you get it with a zipper.

On my wish list for next year when it comes to winter coats? I would say a beautiful faux fur coat (faux fur jas). I already have it completely in mind what it has to look like, so if I find it, you might see it on here in the future. Who knows…

Black Teddy Coat: H&M | Brown Sweater: FOLC

The outfit details

For the rest of this outfit I am wearing a pair of my fave high waisted jeans from Levi’s: the Mile High Super Skinny Jeans. I have them in almost every color and they are definitely my go-to jeans. This time I went for the dark grey version. With that I am wearing a burned orange/brown oversized sweater from FOLC. I don’t often wear color but when I do, it will most likely be a neutral color like this one. Besides the color, it’s super soft and oversized. Of course I had to pair this look with my Dr. Martens look-a-like boots, which I also got from FOLC. I got these boots last year and have been wearing them so much.

When it’s cold, a scarf is definitely needed. For this outfit I just grabbed this grey one because it does the job and looks good with the rest of this outfit as well. And then on to something special… my Kate Spade bag! I am actually planning on writing a full blog post about it because there’s a story behind me getting this bag. For now, please admire the beauty of this very classy bag.

Grey Scarf: C&A | Black Bag: “Margaux” by Kate Spade

I don’t know if you’re able to tell, but when Lotte and I were taking these photos, it was pouring down with rain. I was so determent to take photos, we found a spot in Leiden where Lotte was able to stand underneath a little canopy and I didn’t have to be in the rain for that long. Despite the rain, I do like the photos. So, you might not have noticed but now you know the story behind this blog post as well. Back to the winter coats. My fave winter coats at the moment are definitely: a thick winter coat & a teddy coat. What is your favorite type of winter coat? And why this specific winter coat?



This was posted in collaboration with De Bijenkorf



    • Neeltje
      December 18, 2019 / 2:45 pm

      Thank youuu xxx

  1. December 18, 2019 / 8:45 pm

    Staat je goed, erg stoer ook! Alvast een fijne jaarwisseling en geniet ervan

    • Neeltje
      December 19, 2019 / 9:38 pm

      Dankjewel! Jij ook. X

  2. December 19, 2019 / 7:05 am

    Ik draag sinds een jaar of drie een camelkleurige knielange mantel. Geïnspireerd door de Koreaanse drama’s die ik graag kijk.

    • Neeltje
      December 19, 2019 / 9:38 pm


  3. December 19, 2019 / 9:35 am

    ik houd hier van he 😀 en het staat je heel goed!! ik heb mijn perfecte jas nog niet gevonden maar dat komt wel goed

    • Neeltje
      December 19, 2019 / 9:39 pm

      Ah dankjewel! Het is altijd even zoeken, maar als je er eenmaal eentje hebt… 🙂

  4. December 20, 2019 / 9:21 am

    Lastig. Er is niet een die overal aan voldoet. De teddy ones zijn vaak niet zo waterbestendig. De jas – zoals jouw Esprit-jas – is weer net te kort voor als ik een jurk draag. Is superleuk casual op een skinny of anders. Maar bij een rokje dus weer te koud. De lange klassieke wollen jas vind ik prachtig, maar die heeft weer geen capuchon. En ga zo maar door. Ik heb dan ook *kuch* een combinatie van velen. Dat wil zeggen. Ik heb gewoon best veel (winter)jassen. Waar ik overigens jaren mee doe. Geldt ook voor de zomervarianten…

    • Neeltje
      December 22, 2019 / 11:37 pm

      Haha herkenbaar wel. Ik heb ook veel verschillende jassen dus lekker afwisselen 🙂

  5. Jouvence
    December 20, 2019 / 5:40 pm

    Ik vind die Teddy jassen zo ontzettend leuk en volgens mij zitten ze ook heerlijk warm!

    • Neeltje
      December 22, 2019 / 11:35 pm

      Jaa zijn ze zeker! X

  6. Lisa Autumn
    December 23, 2019 / 1:51 pm

    Such a beautiful look girl!

    Lisa |

    • Neeltje
      December 26, 2019 / 12:18 am

      Thank you! X

  7. December 31, 2019 / 12:46 am

    Love both looks! You can never go wrong with black! I like a little faux fur/teddy coat or jacket. I have a black faux fur jacket and it’s the softest thing ever! I think next season I want to get a longer coat. Great looks and I like how you included a little back story of taking the photo lol. Sometimes we just never know what we have to go through to get a good photo of an outfit lol. 😂
    Thanks for sharing doll!

    Des |

    • Neeltje
      December 31, 2019 / 7:49 am

      Haha thanks! I want to get a longer coat as well because they are always so cozy. Xx

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