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I thought a ‘Loves Lately’ blog post should be one of my last posts of the year. Just because. I love looking back at these posts to see if I still love the same things or have developed new ones. Conclusion: I’ve developed a lot of new favorites. This blog post includes some jewelry, skincare, hair care, fashion, accessories and creativity favorites, so enjoy the last ‘Loves Lately’ on 2020!

Paperclip earrings: Trium Jewelry | Lightning Studs: Trium Jewelry


I feel like I mention jewelry items in every single Loves Lately blog post because I keep discovering new jewelry pieces I love. Right now I love these two from Trium Jewelry. I mentioned this brand before, which I found on Etsy. All of the items are so cute and when I saw the little lightning studs and paperclip earrings, I immediately put them in my shopping card and check out. Even though they were send from Spain, I received them pretty quick and have been wearing them a ton.


2020 has been a year where I’ve been getting more and more into skincare. It’s so interesting and there are so many brands to choose from. Right now I am loving the OLAZ Total Effects day cream! I bought his on recommendation of Claudia and it feels so good on my skin, so it’s definitely a fave right now.

Besides that, I like to switch shampoos every once in awhile. Since my scalp doesn’t like winter so much, I got the Petal Fresh Tea Tree shampoo. It’s a very gentle shampoo and feels really good on my scalp. I’ve been using it in combination with the Gisou hair mask. The scent of all Gisou products is so good. So, not only is my hair extremely soft, it also smells so good.

Honey Infused Hair Mask: Gisou | Teddy Zip-up Hoodie: C&A


And here we are again, in another lockdown. Since we are in a lockdown and I am working from home, I just want to be comfortable all the time. With me wearing this teddy zip up hoodie, I definitely am very comfortable. And yes, it’s UBER soft.

With us being in a lockdown again, my bags are super sad. They just stay on their spot in my bedroom and barely get taken out. So, I thought that when I go for a walk in the afternoon of evening, I just grab one of my bags and wear it. This way they do get used. My fave right now is for sure this Furla one. It looks a lot like the Céline Box Bag and I love the simple look. Besides that, it fits a lot!

Black Bag: Furla | Cloud Phone Case: Casetify


Lately I’ve been dropping my phone more regularly, which isn’t good. That’s when I thought I should invest in a sturdy phone case. I had my eye on a Casetify case for some time and now I took the plunge and got one. After browsing the website for such a long time, I decided on this cloud printed phone case. It’s really simple and looks really pretty with my white iPhone 11.


In my bullet journal of 2020 I sometimes make little scrapbook pages and I love doing that. When I was watching a video from Tara’s vlogmas, she was making a vision board for 2021. I knew I wanted to make a vision board for 2021 but I was going to just create one with magazine and glue everything on a piece of cardboard. She was pinning images and started making a vision board in Photoshop. I loved this idea because this way I would make one for my phone and computer background. When I would unlock my screen, I would see what’s on my vision board so much more than if I would’ve put it somewhere in my room. I love how it turned out!

Blog posts

Throughout the year I’ve written a lot of different blog posts and there are definitely some in there that I really really like. These are my three favorites:

APRIL 2020 | I Did A Small Bedroom Makeover While Being In Self-Isolation | Interior Inspiration

MAY 2020 | I Look At My Closet And Think: It’s A White Blouse Kinda Day | How To Style: The White Blouse

AUGUST 2020 | You Gotta Nourish To Flourish | My Self-Care Routine

Well, that’s the last Loves Lately blog post of 2020! I love to round up my year with looking back at the things I’ve started to love this year. It’s a very random list of things but that’s okay. Let’s develop even more favorites in the new year! What’s your favorite thing of 2021? Which one of mine do you like best?





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      Thanks! I like it even better than when I saw it on the website 🙂

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      Thank you Lovely!

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      Ah thank you!

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