Donut Worry, Be Happy | Mini Donuts

Last Friday was a special one because it was National Donut (or doughnut) Day in the USA! And even though I do not live there, that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate this very special holiday. Of course you have to celebrate Donut Day with a donut and since I’ve always wanted to bake donuts myself, and that’s what I did. In this blog post you’ll see the recipe… View Post

For The Ultimate City Trip, Visit One Of These Cities | Inspiration: Citytrips

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I just really like the feeling whenever I am exploring a new place. If it was possible, I would be traveling somewhere new every single month. Unfortunately that’s not really realistic but that makes traveling whenever I do a lot more exciting. Since the last couple of years I have traveled to quiet a couple of cities, I… View Post

A Piece For Everyone | Pluk, Amsterdam

I have never been so excited about a notification before until I saw a notification from Pluk. At first I didn’t really understand why I would get a notification but when I opened up my Instagram, I saw that Lotte and I won a breakfast at Pluk through a contest they did on their page. Whenever I am in Amsterdam, I always walk by Pluk… View Post

The Right Way To Celebrate Three Years Of Blogging | Blog Birthday Cake

What better way to celebrate three years of blogging than with a confetti cake? ? Well, there is no better way, I think. If you have missed what this is all about, in my Loves Lately blog post I talked about the fact that in April it is officially three years ago that I started blogging on Thoughts in Style. Of course this needs to be… View Post

Alright Spring, Do Your Thing | Essentials: Spring

Yes, I am definitely ready for spring. Spring means lots of flowers everywhere, blue skies and thinner clothing items. For a couple of other seasons I have done an essentials blog post as well, so of course I had to do one for spring as well! In this post I’ve listed five essentials that I really can’t go without during spring. Some of them you… View Post

A Place Filled With The Tastiest Food Spots | Markthal, Rotterdam

At the beginning of March, I officially had a week off from school. I still had to do a lot of things for school but I didn’t have to go to class, which gave me a lot more freedom. On Friday my parents and I decided it was time to go somewhere because we had been inside too long. Most of the time we just… View Post
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