You Are The Pan To My Cake | American Pancakes

A little over a week ago it was actually pancake day. Of course I found that out way too late so I didn’t have any pancakes that day. Also it would have been planned way better if I would have posted a pancakes related blog post last week but yeah. That didn’t happen haha. But it’s okay because better late than never, am I right? In… View Post

Let’s Create The Ultimate Earparty | Inspiration: Earrings

What’s that? A blog post completely dedicated to earrings? Yes, it is! This has been in my head for quite some time and I finally got around to creating a blog post about my love for minimalistic earrings. It is kind of different than the other posts I make but that’s why I created the ‘Inspiration’ series on here. Now, in this blog post you’ll read… View Post

Stationery Supplies Like These Are Absolute Life Savers | Five Things

Stationery supplies everywhere! Yes, they are everywhere in this blog post… Just so you’re warned in advance haha. I’ve been following Kate La Vie and Estée LaLonde for a really long time and recently they both posted something about their new stationery stuff and favorites. This got me thinking. Over the years when I’ve been in school and college, I’ve found so many lovely stationery items and brands. Of… View Post

A Sprinkle of Snow Makes It Look Like A Winter Wonderland | Neeltje’s Thoughts: Winter

“I’m walking in a winter wonderland…” is something that comes to my mind when I see these photos. Winter in The Netherlands is always very up and down. Some days it’s almost 10 ºC and sunny, other days it’s -5 ºC and snowing like crazy. It hadn’t really snowed in The Netherland yet, until a couple of week ago. Lotte and I had planned to take the last photos… View Post

Life Is What You Bake Of It | Date Pie

I believe it was about a year ago when I first had a date pie. Someone had made it and when I tried it, I immediately wanted to know the recipe. That’s when I discovered it’s a recipe from Bagels & Beans, which you can actually find online. The recipe has been saved on my computer for such a long time but I never got around… View Post

Attending A Bloggers Lunch & Re-Opening | Event: Collectiv. Concept Store, The Hague

One thing you might know about me is that I love to discover hotspots, especially concept stores. A concept store I really like is Collectiv. Concept Store in The Hague. On December 10th they actually had a re-opening of their store and I got invited to attend the re-opening festivities and a bloggers lunch. Since Eline is always up to do blogger things with me, like discover hotspots… View Post
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