Good Times And Good Food | ROOS, Taste & Smile, Leiden

After spending most of my time abroad this Summer, I didn’t get to spend much time with my friends. Of course I did take a trip to Athens with my friends at the beginning of Summer and I went to London with Eline but it is always nice to catch up with everyone at the end of Summer. Everyone has their stories about trips they… View Post

Exploring The Second Stop In Scandinavia | Travel Diary: Copenhagen, Denmark

And I am off to the next city! After spending five wonderful days in the beautiful city of Stockholm, it was time to go to Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been a few years since I had been to Copenhagen so I vaguely remember stuff but not everything. That’s what got me excited because now I would remember everything and are able to share it with… View Post

I Do Believe It Is Time For Another Adventure | Travel Diary: Stockholm, Sweden

My family and I had been brainstorming about where to go in the Summer for such a long time. Like I already discussed in a blog post about traveling with friends, with your family you also have to agree on a city where to go. My travel bucket list is pretty long and I keep adding more cities and places to it. But when we were brainstorming,… View Post

How To Pack A Carry-On Bag Like A Boss | Travel Essentials

As you might know, I have been traveling a lot the past months. Since the beginning of this year I was really looking forward to my summer holiday. This didn’t only mean I would have two months off from school (which is always nice), I would also go on some very exciting trips to see and explore new cities! Firstly I went to Athens, Greece with… View Post

Keep Calm And Fall In Love With This City | Travel Diary: London, UK

London… A city I’ve been wanting to visit for about ten years and now the time was finally here! In January Eline and I were pretty spontaneous and booked a trip to London at the end of July. When we booked the trip, it felt like ages away. But two weeks ago it was already here! For the past couple of months I’ve made of… View Post

I Need More Vitamin Sea | Travel Diary: Athens, Greece Part II

Are you ready for the second part of this travel diary? Well, I definitely am so you better be as well haha. In the first part of this travel diary I talked about our journey to our hotel, us visiting some sights and sharing everything we ate. In this one I will be discussing the last bit of our trip. This includes us visiting the Acropolis, going… View Post
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