Shoot, Edit, Post & Repeat! | Inspiration: Favorite Instagram Accounts

Scrolling through Instagram is definitely part of my daily routine. Maybe I should stay off Instagram a bit more but I just like it. I follow a lot of accounts that inspire me on the daily, so while scrolling through my Instagram timeline, I come up with photography ideas and also discover things I want to use for my blog. It’s been some time since I… View Post

Cinnamon Is How I Roll | Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Baking is something I find very fun to do and also kind of relaxing. Well, only relaxing if the recipe actually turns out the way I want to, otherwise it’s frustrating haha. One thing I love to bake are cookies. With cookies you can think of many different ways to make them. Sugar cookies with icing, chocolate chip cookies and more. When I found this… View Post

What Being In Self-Isolation Taught Me | Neeltje’s Thoughts: Life

It’s a Thursday. March 12 to be exact. My colleagues and I just had lunch and got a notification our prime minister will be doing a press conference to talk about what’s going on and some new measures. We all have been following the news very closely and are curious what those new measures will be. This was the moment I was dreading. Not many… View Post

Vegan Food Is Taking Over! | Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam

Vegan food is something I’ve always been interested in. I never realized how many dishes actually contain animal products. When I cut out meat, I thought it was a good start. That’s when I started getting more and more into vegan dishes. I always thought it was so hard to cook and bake vegan but it really isn’t. In February Isabella and I were going… View Post

A First Look At My 2020 Journal | Neeltje’s Thoughts: Journaling

Journaling. Never I thought I would be doing this as a twenty four year old. As a little kid I loved keeping a journal. After a couple of years I thought it cost way too much time and I’d rather be sleeping at the end of the day instead of writing in my journal what I experienced that day. But you don’t have to keep… View Post

I Did A Small Bedroom Makeover While Being In Self-Isolation | Interior Inspiration

What’s self-isolation doing to you? Some people are cleaning everything, others start gardening or are doing jobs around the house. Well, for me it started with a room makeover. This makeover had been in the making for a long time (read: two years) and I was finally planning on actually starting this makeover. Of course I had to document this makeover and share the result… View Post
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