Documentaries You Must Watch On Netflix | Five Things

In these times I think everyone is watching Netflix all day long (when they don’t have to work). At least, that’s what I am doing. There are so many series, movies and documentaries to watch on Netflix. But when you don’t know what to watch, the options can be overwhelming. So, to help with that, I thought I would make a list of documentaries (or… View Post

Let’s Get This ParTea Started! | Vinteage, Leiden

Last year my grandma turned the big 8 0, so we had to think of something to gift to her. She always says: “I already own everything I need”, which makes it hard to think of a gift. That’s why we always like to get her something to do, with us or with her friends. So, we thought we would take her out for a… View Post

A Look With Some Chanel Inspired Items & More | Outfit

Who would’ve thought I would ever post something on here that would involve the words ‘Chanel inspired’? Well, I didn’t. If you know me, you will know that I mostly wear very basic and comfy clothes. Nothing wrong with that but I am not really into wearing fancy things. This outfit is based around the jacket I am wearing, which I am branding ‘a Chanel… View Post

Wardrobe Updates For Spring | Essentials: Spring

Flower fields, blue skies and a lot of sunshine. That’s what I envision for spring every year. In The Netherlands spring can be very unpredictable. Some days it might be raining and other days I will be wearing my sunglasses all day long. This is the best feeling in the world. Winter felt like the longest season ever (especially with all the crazy storms lately)… View Post

Live By The Sun, Love By The Moon | Loves Lately

How is it March already? I can’t believe how quick 2020 is passing by… Most of the time I am very much a home body but this year I have been very outgoing. I have been out multiple times almost every weekend. How weird? And also very fun! I have been to different events, went for lunch a lot and just did a lot of… View Post

My Yoghurt Brings All The Boys To The Barn | Yoghurt Barn, Leiden

Going out for breakfast isn’t something I do often. When I go out for breakfast it has to be when I am traveling. I love to go out for food when I am traveling because you get to wander around the city and get to know the place even better. Just like if you would be living there. So, why not go out for breakfast… View Post
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